marți, 4 septembrie 2012

Italy-Comune di Sant’Angelo in Vado

The Municipality of Sant’Angelo in Vado has a training department, certified in the Marche Region, Italy. The training department offers training to internal employees on communication aspects and team work and has experience in vocational training and continuous education for adults with emphasis on socially and economically disadvantaged groups, i.e. immigrants, unemployed people. 
  The Municipality of Sant’Angelo in Vado is situated in a rural area in the Marche Region and has the highest density of immigrants in the whole Province of Pesaro and Urbino. 
  Furthermore the Municipality has participated in previous Leonardo and Grundtvig partnership projects on intercultural dialogue, vocational education and training techniques and Lifelong learning. 
  The Municipality cooperates with all local stakeholders, schools, higher education institutions and in particular with experts in new training methodologies for adults and younger generations. 
  In this project, our specialists from the training and IT departments will create the Moodle platform which will be used, first of all by the students of the partner's schools of each region of the partners and by the all persons interested of the career guidance.
  We are aware of important role of local community as a link between education providers and employers and we want to use the results of this project in the whole community for a better integration of the young people on the labour market and the access of informations regarding their VET guidance. In this sense we provide to the community members and interested schools the content of the platform regarding videos about crafts, informations about the ECVET competences necessary practicing various crafts, cognitive and aptitude tests, quizz, about crafts from the countries involved in the project and the members of our training departments will offers qualify and efficient support in counseling and VET guidance whenever they need. 
  All of these will be made available free to all the people interested in all the period of implementing the project and after that. Our specialists of the training department will update and adapt continuously the content of the platfom, taking in consideration the requirmments of the users detected in time. 

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