marți, 4 septembrie 2012


“Tudor Arghezi” high school is situated in the city of Craiova, in the south-western part of Romania.The school is situated in the north part of Craiova,we have a total of 1297 students and 84 teachers. The age of our students ranges between 7 and 19 years old. Our school provides primary(24%),secondary(26%) and high school classes(50%),but 11% of them are students enrolled at the Maximum Security Penitentiary present a high risk of social exclusion;they are aged and have learning difficulties school there are specializations:literature,social sciences,mathematics and computer science and natural sciences. Every year about 60 students give exam for professional certificate in computer science.
 Informatics department compose by three teachers,we have psychological department and four graduates of the Faculty of Psychology which collaborate for counseling and guidance to our students. Of project implementation committee will include:psychological counselor,teachers graduates of the Faculty of Psychology,professor of computer science,English teachers,guidance and counseling teachers,teachers in career guidance committee and other teachers motivated. In this project,our school will create instruments for counseling and guidance for students who choose computer profile. We will implement these instruments in our school, in the north and center part of the county to a number of 100 students to tests their abilities. 
  For our school this project:
-will be a bridge between all participants who will share their experience about counseling and guidance,culture and traditions and development communication skills in English.
-will give to the students the opportunity to receive information, advice, counseling and guidance in choosing the route in the context of individual professional curriculum. 
  The teachers and students in our school took part in national and international projects, as well as in partnerships with other schools from the Oltenia region. Such projects range from Comenius,to e-Twinning,to European spring day and to Grundtvig. The teachers in our school are permanently preoccupied with improving their project management skills. Thus they have graduated from topic-related master programmes,attended different trainings at a regional level and managed to improve these skills by actually taking part in international projects.

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