marți, 4 septembrie 2012


 Grupul Scolar de Transporturi Auto as an institution that provides education and trains students of all levels; pre-primary, primary, secondary, high school, evening class. 1602 students are coordinated by more then 100 teachers. In our school there is a Technological department and there are 25 teachers who teach technical subjects and they are in cooperation with two counselors and psychologists. Each year our teachers visit every secondary schools from the south county and discuss with the students, present them the qualifications in order to motivate them to attend our school and trained.
  The school is located in Craiova in a neighborhood isolated where the average income of people is generally below the minimum wage and most of them are Roma people. The students from high school are prepared in: computer technician qualifications, car electrician electronics, transportation technician, auto mechanics, auto diagnostician.
 After the first year of high school,professional orientation in secondary school became mandatory in Romania last year.  Curriculum included only 5 hours of career counseling/school year by teachers of different subjects helped of two psychologists. Although there are some useful material in training, they are insufficient, inappropriate to the specific age and personality of students, are particularly difficult to enforce and interpret by the teachers of various subjects which are not specialized in this sense.
 The short time allocated to professional guidance does not allow presentation of a wide range of jobs required in our area. In addition, students have no access to a free online platform which can be access from home by parents and pupils. This platform will help them to form a clear image of the activities and to apply himself various guidance vocational tests and receive a qualify feedback.
 In this project our school will organize study visits and shadow days in auto services and auto enterprise, will create guidance tests regarding auto field, short videos about auto crafts taking in consideration our field, will implement these tests in the south part of the county to a number of 100 students which are in various stages of professional training.
 This project, through its activities and its structure, will support development of modern and efficient tools for professional guidance which can then be implemented by teachers and students in county schools. Many teachers and psychologists will work in this project.

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