marți, 4 septembrie 2012


Competence center of vocational education "Liepaja State technical school" is one of the biggest vocational schools in Latvia with 1700 trainees and 130 teachers.The school is located in Latvia at 220 km from the capital of Latvia, Riga. The city Liepaja is situated at the Baltic Beach and Port of Liepaja is the third biggest Port in Latvia. 
  In our school we have pupils from social exclusion families and pupils with learning and behavioral problems also, and we have social, economical high motivated pupils as well. The school offers technical and commerce training programs for secondary vocational level.
  Our pupils are trained in various professions:
-Commerce worker and services - for Banking and Insurance,  Sales, Marketing and Advertisement, Transport forwarding and Logistics, Waiters, Cook, Confectioner;
-Technical worker - Computer Technician, Electricians, Car mechanics,  Mechatronic system technicians, Welder, Builder and others.
-We provide Life learning programs as well.
  In this project we make short videos and guidance tests regarding financial and economic field and trades food-processing industry.
  Population on the region Kurzeme is about 297.000.Most of young people after finishing secondary education goes to the capital of Latvia to study or goes abroad and seldom comes back to the region as employees or employers.
  We want to use the results of this project to support our school graduates to find a job according to market demands in the region where they live and thus avoid their massive migration to other areas and countries of the EU.In this respect our school teachers become more responsive and improve collaboration with the economic environment so they can fully appreciate the skills, attitudes and personality traits of students who work. All these will be useful to guide students effectively later using means and methods from project to help young graduates to local labor market integration.
  Supporting young people in career choices according to their interests and abilities, and offering high quality professional education in emerging sectors of the economy, the establishment of cooperation with institutions of higher education in the region, it would be possible to involve young people in the region's economic activities. 
  We have motivated and creative teachers in our team who can share the experience and intercultural activities in the best way to exchange good practice between different countries from the project.

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