marți, 4 septembrie 2012

POLAND-Fundacja Rozwoju Inicjatyw Edukayjnych I Społecznych

 Foundation for Educative and Social Initiatives Development is an foundation from Poland which activate in the field of Education. Our services and activities are directed to educational institutions, teachers and all target groups on the labour market.
   We are implementing good practices in gender issues and promote equal opportunities of women and men in all areas of life. Foundation is achieving its goals through the following activities:
1. Labour market research; 
2. Training;
3. Publishing;
4. Seminars;
  The Foundation puts strong emphasis on problems of young people and their engagement on labour market. 
  The Foundation takes part in activities and projects which aim at:
• Promoting youth work and education.
• Engaging and supporting young people to critically examine their work and our society. 
• Promoting the evolution of society's perspectives of youth, moving people from passive actors in society towards becoming engaged leaders throughout their entire lives.
• Promoting young people as part of a society, communities and  movements.
• Promoting voluntary activities among young people.
    Over time we have conducted various studies in terms of labor market insertion of graduates in the labor market, the correlation between their training and the craft that he is practicing , studies on distribution and evolution of occupations in the East of Poland.
   We believe that we have enough work experience in market research and in this project we will be able to accomplish a well documented study on the personal fulfillment of young employees in the last 3 years in our region and the correlation between their practices and training of employees. This study will provide relevant information useful in designing and structuring the best tools for vocational guidance and counseling on various trades.
   The personnel being involved in this project are specialists in human resources and carries out vocational guidance and counseling tools which will be loaded in the platform project.

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