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Kadis is an organization operating in the field of human resources and also has wide experience in recruitment, legal consulting and "know-how" in HR management and training.
 We have been working on employability and career guidance programmes since 1995. We are the main provider of employability skills trainings in central Slovenia and experienced in working with groups, providing various workshops and lectures for different target groups (employees, employers, unemployed and other job seekers, students, parents) and trainings for other career counsellors. We also offer career guidance services for individuals and SME companies. Within several projects, we have developed competence models for different career profiles, assessment of existing competences and tailor-made competence-based trainings.
  The team consists of professionals with background in psychology, social work, economy, teaching, adult education, law, sociology and cultural studies. Most are experienced career counsellors, both in individual and group setting.
  The company has more than 6 years of experience with international projects and partnership actions, both as coordinator and partner, covering topics such as vocational counselling for disadvantaged job seekers, career guidance for students, e-counselling (interactive platforms for job seekers).
  We developed a guidance programme (ICTEM - LdV project) for youth without vocational qualifications that has been integrated in active employment policy of ESS in 2006 and is still being used as a very successful programme. Also, Slovenia’s National Agency recently awarded our project Eguide (LdV project) with “Apple of quality”.  
  With our experience in giving trainings to youth, including students in vocational education, we see our contribution to this project as very significant because we have the expertise necessary to guide a young man fair and vocational decisions so he can choose a particular type of training dependence closely interlinked with a correct analysis of information about themselves and the world professions.

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