marți, 4 septembrie 2012

SPAIN-Fundacion para el Desarrollo de la Ciencia y la Tecnologia en Extremadura

FUNDECYT collaborates very actively, together the Regional Government of Extremadura and other regional bodies, in laying the foundations of the Regional Information System project. FUNDECYT has assisted on the preliminary studies undertaken to: firstly, detect the scientific, technological and innovative regional business and educational demands and, secondly, to implement methodologies in the different regional agents involved on RTD matters. 
 FUNDECYT will develop in this project two essential tasks: primarily as a catalyst for innovation and for the study of the society of Extremadura, FUNDECYT will ensure the identification of Best Practices in the Region focused in Educational and Vocational Guidance, bringing its experience and its natural position in society to serve as a bridge between public educational stakeholders, both regional and national training centers and private institutions such as academies and schools of business. 
 It will provide also all its "know-how" in the implementation of free software and open educational resources (OER) in the education system in Extremadura and will bring all the knowledge on the Education Technology Network for possible applications in other regions and the development of new training strategies. 
 By participating in this project we want to make open educational resource and new technologies that can be implemented free and easily adapted to the needs of other regions. It will be actively involved in helping to devise new tools for Vocational Guidance and Education through its regional experience. 
 Strategic use of technology applied to education promotes the teaching and learning achievement of the learning society, among these uses FUNDECYT will provide analysis of the different methodologies of processes related to self learning made in Extremadura within the platform of Rayuela and the Educational Self-Learning Platform or CALA Platform (Free and Open Campus of the University of Extremadura). These two experiences could also provide a framework for future testing of new settings targeted tools in the project and for testing new methodologies integrated in the process of guidance, teaching and learning for parent, teachers and students. The region needs a series of measures to curb extra-regional mobility of students due to the limited supply of specialized training and the weak link between companies and education.

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